AChEGS is for all current graduate students in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Georgia Tech. The goal of AChEGS is to create both social and professional connections between ChBE graduate students and faculty. AChEGS organizes several events throughout the year, including: social hours, intramurals, volunteer activities, faculty lunches, and more! Check out the calendar below for upcoming events, or contact an officer if you have any questions.


Conrad Roos


Maggie Manspeaker
Vice President


Zachary Herde

Matt Rivera

Stefani Kocevska
Social Chair

Dylan Dautel
Intramural Chair

Hannah Viola
Volunteer Chair

Dr. Carsten Sievers
Faculty Advisor

Event Calendar


Intramural information should be coming out via email to all current graduate students in the department.
If you have questions or you are for some reason not receiving these emails, contact Dylan Dautel (AChEGS Intramural Chair) or visit the GT Intramural website.


For more information visit the Symposium Website.

Equipment List

If you would like to add or edit equipment from your lab on the AChEGS Equipment List, please contact Zachary Herde (AChEGS Secretary).

Download Equipment List

Peer-Mentor Program

Graduate school can be an isolating time where many of us work on completely independent projects, and the transition to a new city, or even a completely new country, can be overwhelming when combined with classes, research, and life outside of Georgia Tech. The goal of the AChEGS Peer-Mentor program is to give all ChBE graduate students the ability to easily reach out to other students who may have gone through similar experiences and have volunteered as mentors to listen and give advice about topics ranging from adjusting to Atlanta, balancing school and social life, and other subjects pertinent to graduate school.

Click here for a list of current ChBE graduate students with diverse backgrounds who have volunteered as mentors. Feel free to reach out to any of them if you would like to meet for lunch, talk over the phone, or just ask a few questions over email. While talking with our peers can be incredibly beneficial, mentors are not expected to act as replacements for trained professionals and we encourage you to contact the GT Counseling Center for more serious topics or matters that require immediate action.