These documents provide an introduction to graduate life in GaTech ChBE. Please reach out to one of the members of the current AChEGS team if you have any questions on information in the documents.

AChEGS Constitution 2020
AChEGS New Student Handbook 2020
SGA Course Critique Database

Mentorship Program

The mentor program is designed to help new graduate students in the ChBE department. Each mentee is matched with a mentor further along in the PhD program who shares research or extracurricular interests.

An mentorship program sign-up will be sent via email in August.

Mentee Code of Conduct Form

Practice Quals

AChEGS provides practice quals at the end of October for first year students to practice for the qualifying exam in January. The practice qual mimics the real qualifying exam, and current AChEGS members serve as the panel.

Please contact the vice president with any questions on practice quals.